Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blind Date

At times, I seem to have made online dating a career and one of my earlier negative online dating experiences involved plans to meet at El Cholo restaurant on Western in Los Angeles. Driving from Newport Beach (about an hour south) was a commitment but I felt it was proper as a gentleman. I was fortunate to endure light traffic that day and got to the restaurant at about 40 minutes early. The hostess informed me that the wait would be about an hour so I added myself to the list and set to waiting for my date. 

More than an hour went by and then I heard my name called for the available table. I told the hostess that my date had not yet arrived. She kindly stated we would be seated once my date arrived. I waited a bit longer only to hear a voice next to me say, "Hi. I've been here the whole hour watching you. I could tell that you didn't recognize me. I've been waiting here deciding what I should do.” 

She was morbidly huge, 15 years older than her photos and I found out that she had two kids. All of those things were major deal breakers from the beginning. To say she was dishonest with her published photos, age and weight would be an understatement. I told her to never do this to anyone else again. I'm not sure if I was angrier because I was lied to, drove the long distance for nothing or departed El Cholo without enjoying a good meal. Maybe it was all those reasons together.


  1. OMG that's insane! That woman should never be allowed to 'poke', 'wink' or any of the other online flirting tactics. she should be locked in a closet!

  2. i bet she pulls that "you didn't recognize me" number a lot to make people feel guilty. good god that'd be terrible. how did you actually say it to her?

  3. it wouldnt kill you if you had dinner with her. In the end you could have been honest with her and departed like a true gentleman.