Monday, March 9, 2009

The Love Doctor

I was excited to go out on my third date with a dreamy doctor. We were having a good time when the table two down from us told the table of girls next to us to lower their voices and that they were being offensive. The girls were being obnoxious and almost started a fight.  They turned to us, asking if we thought they were loud. We said no, they were “fine,” trying to be polite. We all started to engage in small talk, but before I knew it, the girl next to me was deep in conversation with my date, ignoring everyone else around.  “Oh where do you live?... Where do you work? Oh wow, my shoulder hurts, doc! Maybe I could see you!” Pretty soon they were the only ones talking and then they exchanged numbers right in front of me! At some point during the crazy evening, he also informed me that he had on leopard print tighty whities with monkeys on them. Great times.  I guess the moral of the story is, just because you’re a dreamy doctor, doesn’t mean you can’t also be a douche.



  1. Let me start by saying that I have never read this blog before this AM. That being said, my girlfriend sent me and another girlfriend this link this morning with a subject heading of "Ummm..." When I opened up the email, her message was "I'm pretty sure this is us..." and then the link to this site. To my surprise, after the second sentence I realized that this story sounded strangely similar to my Friday night bender two weeks ago. Yup, I'm the a-hole from the table of girls next to you. Sorry. I just forwarded this to my BF and he said that I absolutely HAD TO close the loop by writing something back, and more importantly, he wanted to know if you ever got to see those jungle man panties. Anyways, at least it's a funny story... Sheesh this city is SO small.

  2. It's not our story, NOWAY.

    All our stories are anonymous submissions. So we couldn't tell you about the dude's underwear. But we hear you on what you are saying about cities being tiny. Send us your (and you BF's too) stories!

    p.s. we have no idea which city the above date happened in!!

  3. Leopard print tighty whities is an oxymoron. Perhaps the good doctor ignored this chick because she has the figurative acumen of a Bhutanese orphan. At least "Noway" understands the efficacy of caps lock, particularly when applied to the past perfect tense. Naoming?

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