Monday, January 19, 2009

A Couple We Can Believe In

Change officially begins at noon in Washington D.C. tomorrow. President Barack Obama holds the hopes and dreams of many, including ours at MVWD. In the annals of courtship of the famous and fabulous, Obama and Michelle represent how things can go unbelievably right (and remain so). We've seen the fist bumps, the election night kisses, heard their cute remarks about each other (she: he's got bad breath; he: she's always right), read about their first date and been generally enamored about how actually happy they look. Here's an early image of them (a few short years after they began dating) taken in 1996 in Chicago by Mariana Cook and republished last week in The New Yorker. Not only did we did we ooh and ahh over the lovely meditations on their marriage in the accompanying interview but we were impressed by the rather saucy Indonesian print (the one in the middle) overhead in the portrait.

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